Divorce Mediation
In Calgary

Divorce Mediation
in Calgary

Preparing you for your Life's Next Chapter

Calgary Mediation Helps Families On Each Step of the Process

The process of divorce or separation is often among the most challenging times in a person’s life. Changes to a family’s structure can happen suddenly, and the outcomes for everyone involved are often not easy to anticipate. The psychologists at the Lionheart Psychology Group are uniquely positioned to help families going through these processes, as our team includes a number of Calgary psychologists who are experienced with working with families of divorce and separation, including those parents with a history of high-conflict and children who resist or refuse time with a parent.

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Is It For Me?

Divorce Mediation is most effective for couples who find themselves struggling with one or more of the following issues:

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Poor Conflict

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Does Divorce Mediation Really Work?

Parents going through separation or divorce often feel a mixture of emotions, including anger, depression, hurt, and anxiety, and there is often a period of grief associated with the loss of a relationship regardless of whether you are the one separating from your partner or they are the one initiating a separation from you.

For children, divorce or separation is often a confusing time, and such family changes are typically a negative event in the life of a child. In addition to sorting through their own feelings of grief and loss, children are often tasked with adding new elements to their relationships with each parent and navigating the pitfalls of feeling ‘caught in the middle’ of their parents’ affections or ongoing disputes.

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As the only group of Calgary psychologists with an office in every quadrant of the city, we’re doing our best to be as accessible as possible. As an added measure of convenience, we also offer services via distance, including the option for telephone or secure video appointments.

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We believe in removing barriers to accessing treatment. We can direct bill many major insurance companies to ensure your experience with us is more convenient and stress-free.

Our Care Approach

Our care approach for divorce mediation in Calgary starts with you. The process begins when you book an appointment with one of our psychologists, or request a match based on your treatment goals. At your first session, we learn about you, your relationship and the goals of your treatment. Next, we evaluate your relationship to offer specific, evidence-based recommendations. This approach empowers us to focus on what truly matters for your situation. We have various treatment methods that allow us to provide personalized feedback. Overall, we are here to support your commitment to improving your circumstances and relationship, for the ultimate benefit of your growth and development.


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What You Can Discover
On the Other Side

For families who have experienced a divorce or separation, long-term or lingering challenges often remain. Common difficulties include ongoing parental conflict, difficulty communicating, and children resisting or refusing to spend time with a parent. For all of these issues, early intervention is key to ensuring that the problems do not become entrenched and more difficult to correct in time.
The Divorce Mediators at the Lionheart Psychology Group are your family’s personal advocate to assist you at all stages of the process of adjusting to this significant change. Guidance may be provided as needed regarding the psychological and legal aspects of divorce, including referrals to other relevant divorce professionals in the legal or financial fields. In divorce mediation, you will be empowered to consider the future that you wish to develop for yourself and your family. You divorce mediator will assist you in the development of appropriate strategies for implementation of the new family structure, and in enhancing your overall feeling of control over the process, as you both prepare for and anticipate life’s next chapter.

Mediation significantly reduces the animosity between individuals during and after the process. This is especially important when individuals have children.

It fosters creative solutions that work well for the particular circumstances of the individuals compared to cookie cutter decisions made within the court process.

The process greatly reduces legal costs compared to litigating in Court.

Resolve issues in 1 to 2 months rather than 1 to 2 years which is typical when litigating.

It is also easy to include third party professionals, such as accountants and psychologists, to aid individuals in the mediation process.

The perspective of an unbiased professional can offer deeper insight and a fresh look at your situation. This can be helpful for working through “unwinnable” arguments and assisting in having both partners consider fresh and different perspectives.

  • Typically you and your spouse will attend before the mediator in a boardroom. The setting is casual and both parties are encouraged to relax and be as open minded as possible.
  • The process and the ground rules will be explained by the mediator. These ground rules are what help the mediation move along smoothly. If everyone is agreeable to moving forward, a Mediation Agreement will be signed.
  • The mediation process then begins.
  • If the parties reach an agreement on some or all of the issues, the mediator will draft a report and forward it to both lawyers. The lawyers will then draft a Contract or an Order which reflects the mediated agreement. The parties will then attend before their lawyers to get independent legal advice respecting the agreement. If both the client and the lawyer are agreeable to the contract it will be signed and forwarded to the other lawyer where the same process is followed by the other spouse. Typically, at that time, one of the lawyers will also draft the divorce documentation reflecting the agreements made in mediation.
  • If agreement is not reached in mediation the parties are free to continue with mediation until agreement is reached or exit the mediation process and attempt other methods of resolution.
  • Either party may exit the mediation process at any time.