Forensic Psychology
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Forensic Psychology in Calgary

Assisting with the Impacts of
Divorce and Separation

What is Forensic Psychology?

Forensic psychology in Calgary involves the application of psychological services to individuals involved with the legal system. Our psychologists work to assist couples and families by providing both evaluative and therapeutic support. These services assist in decision-making for parents, lawyers and the Courts regarding divorce, separation, and reunification. Unique circumstances require unique solutions, and the Lionheart Psychology Group strives to be at the forefront of forensic psychology services in Calgary.

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Calgary Psychologists

Our team of Calgary psychologists has a broad range of specialties to serve you better. We offer a versatile range of treatment approaches and strategies that are tailored individually to each person’s unique needs. From children to adults, couples, and families, we treat everyone we meet with patience, dignity and respect.

Our Forensic Psychology Services

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Telepsychology Services

As the only group of Calgary psychologists with an office in every quadrant of the city, we’re doing our best to be as accessible as possible. As an added measure of convenience, we also offer services via distance, including the option for telephone or secure video appointments.

The Key to Understanding

Our forensic psychologists understand that our duty is to the Court, and we strive to provide the most helpful information possible to assist families in resolving issues. We provide both civil and criminal services in various applications. For family law matters, we offer therapeutic and evaluative services for children, parents and families. Indeed, there are many possible applications where the benefits of forensic psychology in Calgary can assist with legal proceedings and assist in providing an understanding of what are often complex family situations.

They are licensed psychologists who specialize in the assessment, evaluation and treatment of individuals, couples and families involved in criminal or civil legal proceedings.

A psychological assessment, or intervention, employs standardized methods to gather a better understanding of the client’s situation. This occurs through the use of evidence-based testing, clinical interviews, reviews, and other methods.

The forensic psychologist’s role will depend on the nature of their involvement and/or the direction provided by the Court.

Our psychologists include members of...

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We believe in removing barriers to accessing treatment. We can direct bill many major insurance companies to ensure your experience with us is more convenient and stress-free.


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