Rehabilitation Psychology

Rehabilitation Psychology

Calgary Rehabilitation Therapists

What is Rehabilitation Psychology?

Rehabilitation psychology focuses on the identification and treatment of functional deficits, often in the context of return to work planning. Specialized interventions are offered for difficulties stemming from disabilities or chronic health conditions, as well as anger management, chronic pain counselling, and addictions counselling in Calgary. Our rehabilitative services focus on providing long-term, sustainable solutions. These may include building a support network, identifying your triggers, and preparing for a return to work program. Through our collaborative effort, you can learn to take back control.

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Our team of Calgary psychologists has a broad range of specialties to serve you better. We offer a versatile range of treatment approaches and strategies that are tailored individually to each person’s unique needs. From children to adults, couples, and families, we treat everyone we meet with patience, dignity and respect.

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As the only group of Calgary psychologists with an office in every quadrant of the city, we’re doing our best to be as accessible as possible. As an added measure of convenience, we also offer services via distance, including the option for telephone or secure video appointments.

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Rehabilitation psychology is a collaborative style of therapy. Our psychologists provide solutions tailored to your goals, and will encourage you to practice them and demonstrate their effective use. When this collaboration succeeds, the results are marvellous. You may learn to control your unhealthy habits and identify your triggers. Similarly, you can develop emotional management strategies that positively impact your future and develop methods for coping with your symptoms. In sum, our psychologists work to empower you to move forward and live a more fulfilling life.

Rehabilitation therapy is focused on identifying and treating functional issues, such as the day-to-day impacts of stress, trauma, insomnia, or chronic pain.

Rehabilitation therapy is an effective treatment for many individuals struggling to return to the workplace. Please contact us to learn more about whether this is the right approach to address your needs.

We can provide strategies that help you build resilience and develop more adaptive ways to cope with your symptoms.

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We believe in removing barriers to accessing treatment. We can direct bill many major insurance companies to ensure your experience with us is more convenient and stress-free.

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